Be Who You Came Here To Be..

What do you do AFTER you’ve read the books, followed the gurus, seen the videos, taken the self-assessments and know a whole lot about what you could be doing to live more intentionally? Deep inside, you know that you are greater than the life and business you are now living and, yet, you are not necessarily doing it (or if you are, you don’t know it).

The good news is that you have the capacity to step into your next best level, your most whole self. It happens by:

  • clarifying what you know and what you want,
  • connecting to a bigger plan, and,
  • learning from what IS.

What uncertainties keep you destabilized and prevent you from attracting your right clients and making money in your business?

Where are you hiding something from yourself that is holding your business back?

Which unconscious beliefs are running your results and holding you back from taking new action?

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Lynn Scheurell

Creative Catalyst, Consciousness Teacher, Metaphysical Decoder

Your World Grows Only As Fast As You Do

Since your life and business grows only as fast as you do, you can choose to accelerate your results by getting out of illusion and taking appropriate focused action in the material world.

Do you know where illusion is constricting your life and business? Do you know exactly what you should be doing right now to create dynamic, intentional, fully-actualized results in your life and business?

It can be challenging to see through your own illusions because you’re smart – you know how to convince yourself that what you see is what’s right.

Being human, you look for ways to prove that you’re right in what you already know all the time. But when you feel like you already know something, you’re not open to new possibilities.

You cannot see what you are not open to, especially if growth does not look the way you expect – including new opportunities. (For example, the first step of growth is often chaos as you see the contrast between what you want and what IS now.)

The time is now for you to discover your truth, go beyond your comfort zone and see new possibilities through your life and business – today.

Right now, to support you in seeing through the fog of what you already know, the most valuable gift you can receive is personal clarity for your own self-actualization.

If you are not:

  • Attracting the right clients,
  • Being compensated well for your work,
  • Getting time off to rejuvenate,
  • Confident in your next action steps, or
  • Feeling optimistic and having fun in your business,

Then it’s time to discover your truth, grow intentionally and accelerate results.

And, as Einstein said, the same mind that created a problem cannot solve it.

5 Questions To Accelerate Your Self-Actualization In Business

  1. What do you need to know or believe in order to allow yourself to get new information that can accelerate your business results?
  2. What is blocking you from getting paid for who you are?
  3. Do you realize that what you are charging for through your business is the value of your worth? (The real question: are you charging enough?)
  4. Where are you out of alignment with your business so that you are both not as successful as possible?
  5. How are you showing up daily – as a person who deserves to be paid well or ???

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